Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cigar Bracketology

Its March Madness time again folks, last year someone won over 60 sticks.  Be a crying shame if YOU didn't win them this year.  The rules are simple:

I will host a group on a 3rd party website like ESPN, NCAA, etc (So I can play too without the any drama)  and abide by their rules.

That site will take the entries and pick the winner.

The ANTY, by joining our group you agree to wager 5 cigars of your choosing (Total value of the cigars must be equal to or greater than 25$).

1 bracket ONLY

Losers have 2 weeks from the end of the tournament to mail out their sticks, I will do my best to post the winners address as soon as possible by whatever method they deem fit. (Some people don't want their info out there, I can relate)  Life happens, if you cant meet the deadline we aren't going to hunt you down but if you're a butthead about it I will call you out, trust me.

I expect to know (on some level) everyone who participates, if I don't know you I may ask some additional information, nothing major.

Comment below to express your interest and I'll update this post as needed: Links, dates, participants, etc.

PS Your team sucks, but pick them to go ALL the way.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Who really needs an AR-15?

I've heard this question asked repeatedly and since I'm not celebrity or spokesperson for the NRA please allow me to blast these idiots here and now.

What kind of car do you own?  I'm assuming the speedometer doesn't top out at 70 mph like most highways allow.   In fact I'm sure even your minivan can scoot at 120 mph, why?  Not that you'd ever need to drive that fast but it IS an option. Who in the hell drives this fast?   Criminals and the police chasing them do.

Why is there no national outcry to have vehicles stay below 70?  Crashes that involve speed dwarf the gun violence numbers.  The reason is as "in our face" as it can possibly get.

Who is the biggest opponent of Religious freedom?  The Atheists
Who is the biggest opponent of smoking?  Non Smokers

Those who choose to not to exercise a right are the biggest opponents of those who do, its a choice they freely make then attempt to force others to follow.

Back to the AR-15, the AR-15 is a sports car.  Not as fast as a race car but faster than the minivan.  Doesn't matter most of the time because beyond looking cooler they both have a legal obligation to follow the rules of the road.  You'll always have the few that drive above the limit and all vehicles/guns have the potential to take a life.  We already have laws that prohibit some from driving yet they do (because that's what criminals do).  So to answer the question to "Why do you need an AR-15?" the answer is: Use the car analogy OR, because it looks cool and I might need it.  I probably wont but as an American I can, so fuck off.

You don't have to agree, understand, or "Get it."  Its my right to choose as much as yours to choose not to.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking the fun out of Cigars

Dear diary,

Where to begin, where to begin?  I've always said I'd never cross the line from hobby to business when it came to cigars.  I'm afraid something is lost on the hobby when you add moneymaking to the equation and you cut into the chill factor.  I compare it to fantasy football whereas I LOVE FOOTBALL but following all the stats and obsessive match-up scenarios stole the season from me, so I quit playing.

Cigars are different for some reason because on some level I think we're all destined to become critics.  As critics we love to share our opinion which makes becoming a cigar blogger a fairly easy transition for most leaf lovers especially when those guys get to smoke the newest cigars on the market.  So here I am again with emails asking me to cross the line, don't get me wrong its flattering but I just have no interest in doing it, yet.  Maybe I'm waiting on the right company that accepts the fact that I can be #NSFW on a moment's notice or maybe I'm waiting to be fired for being a smartass to a dumbass.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I'm off to smoke a cigar, I highly recommend you follow suite.

Stogimus Prime